When was the last time you had a god night’s sleep? I know, me neither! It seems that today, sleep has become more of a mark on our to-do list, rather than a basic need. Although many of us might be getting those 6-8 hours of sleep recommended by experts, we also have to aim for quality, not just quantity. A poor sleep routine is known to affect us on all levels. One example is the relationship between sleep and eating habits which a group…Continue Reading “Three Tips for That Good Night’s Sleep You’ve Always Wanted”

When I first came face to face with this question, I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. It seems like this approach goes against everything we know about productivity and success. However, once you get the hang of it, the benefits will never cease to amaze you. One of the first to study “the art of doing nothing” was Andy Pubbicombe, a guy who spent several years backpacking through Nepal, Burma, India and Tibet, learning everything there is to know about mindfulness and…Continue Reading “To Do More, Do Nothing. Yes, It’s True!”