Awesome Features

Push has multiple, unique features that will help you move forward faster than you could have ever imagined. Set your goals or follow our plans and Push will commit you to it!

Multiple Categories

Choose from over 10 categories and hundreds of plans. From creating daily habits to  increasing productivity and happiness .

Customize Your Goal

Choose between pre-determined goals, or create your own.

Add Some Motivation

Put money (or an embarrassing photo) at stake as additional motivation, and donate it to charities should you fail.

Access to Expert Plans

Expert plans for complete guidance to achieve your goals.

Accountability Buddies

Add supervisors, and accountability buddies to help you stay on track.

Challenge Your Friends

Create group goals with your friends and follow each other’s progress on your own leader boards

Awesome Screenshots

Get an impression of Push by the captures we took for you!

Business Perspective

The perfect app for companies, authors and industry experts.

Empower Your Employees

Improve your employees’ vitality and productivity. Create a better working environment, make your employees happier and improve overall performance.

Endless Possibilities

Add videos, infographics, text descriptions, quizzes (future), and customize the point system in order to create your own company plans. Allow employees to follow-through, learn and confirm each part via daily checkins.

Turnkey and White Label Solutions

White labelling and turnkey solutions offers each company the ability to customize design, goal categories with individual programs and specialize the app to suit each company’s need.

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